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Driver Improvement Classes
 Offered by schedule, and special classes offered to students on a time limit, ask about special classes
Escort Driving Classes
Driver Manual Classes
Offered as needed by student, call to schedule special class time, we also have special group rates.
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Ask about our gift certificate program
Read about our non-profit side of our company on this page and the goals we hope achieve.
Driver's Training Academy

Driver's Education In-Class
Scheduled every two months, ask about our special classes for students needing special time for class.
Driver's Education In-Car
Scheduled as needed, offered mornings, daytime, evenings, weekends, and holidays. Ask about fast course special.
Three Times Failed (Both)
Scheduled as needed, ask about our fast course special.
*19 and over we are licensed to offer the 8 hour class, ask about our fast course special.
Special training
We offer classes to help students prepare for DMV test, one-on-one training to help students prepare for test, or special situations.
Virtual/Video Classroom
To help families Convenience Driving School is now developing our virtual/video classroom so students can attend certain classes on-line.

Call 276-971-4052


For a limited time only...
In-Car, On-Road
Under 19 Years Old
*Cash only price

Your Success is Our Success


Welcome to Convenience Driving School


Convenience Driving School is the only locally owned and operated driving school that provides complete driving education. Every piece of Convenience Driving School’s mission lies deep in their love of their community and its people.

Convenience Driving School pays attention to every detail to make you successful! That is our commitment to you! From our training facility to our equipment and instructors, we provide the best and most convenient possible environments to teach students to be safer drivers. 

Because we know your time is important we are centrally located and offer class schedule options to accommodate your busy schedule! Serving the Richlands, Tazwell, and Lebanon communities, Convenience Driving School is centrally located in Steelsburg Plaza near Claypool Hill a short drive to the communities we serve.

Convenience Driving School are licensed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and offer courses in Driver Improvement, Driver Education both behind-the-wheel and in-class, and Three Times Failed Courses.  Every program we provide meets or exceeds the requirements enforced by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Convenience Driving School has programs so students can complete behind-the-wheel in one week, students can complete entire Driver Education Course (In-class, and behind-the-wheel in four weeks, we teach escort driving, three times failed to all ages, have programs to teach many driving classes. CDS offers special programs so students can receive the class needed quickly. CDS also offers pick up service, early morning, day time, late evening scheduling.
Convenience Driving School has multiple instructors, and cars to provide service to our community. We are commented to provide quality service to the community, and offer programs in which students may complete the course quickly so students may receive the certification they need.

We encourage possible students, parents, or anyone who wants to know the quality of service we offer at CDS to check the comments from prior students, parents, and people in the community on our Facebook page, contact prior student, or parents of students. CDS is trusted by Tazewell and Russell County School systems to provide service to our area students. CDS is commented to offering the best service, education, driving classes, in car instruction, and driver improvement classes. As many of our past students have stated how much they have learned, and enjoyed our classes.

Convenience Driving School opened business to meet a few goals: get students licensed on time: offer classes to meet almost any schedule, and in the future we are working with all area schools (public, private, Christian, home) police departments, fire/rescue, community, businesses, and insurance companies to offer advance driver training. We hope to meet this goal, but need the support of all groups working together. So we ask each of you to help by telling people in leadership of each of the organizations to join with us. By providing advanced driver training we give students knowledge and experience to become better drivers, reduce accidents, and fatalities.



Virtual/Video Classroom

Convenience Driving School is developing a virtual/video classroom to help students and families be able to complete certain classes we offer. The parent/guardian and student will be able to complete all required paperwork, and payment through the virtual/video classroom, or come to our office in person. Students must attend the complete couse, lesson. or class time to be counted as a credit for the course which the student is enrolled. The system we use for virtual/video classroom allows the instructor to know if the student is attending the class. Classes, courses, and programs can be scheduled for one student, or during the scheduled in-class time.

Behind-the-Wheel Scheduling
Oct 1, 2013
Convenience Driving School offers Behind the Wheel driving time before and after school and all day on Saturdays. Our schedule is filling up fast, Please contact us to schedule.

New Driver Instructors
October 15, 2013
Convenience Driving School has additional instructors, and is in the final approval process to add additional Driver Education Instructor!

Living up to our commitment to be convenient additional instructors  will help us meet the growing number of students and more scheduling times.

Payment Plans
Sept 25, 2013
Convenience Driving School offers easy payment plans to fit your needs!

Driver Manual Instructor
October 20, 2013
Virginia DMV approved an 8 hour Driver Manual Course for students 19 or over which fail the DMV knowledge test three times. Prior requirements was for all students which fail three times to take complete 36 lesson Driver Education in class course. We have, at this time, the only approved Driver Manual Instructor in the Bristol District. All other driving schools must teach students 19 and over the 36 lesson course.

Escort Driving Instructor
December 22, 2013
Virginia law goes into affect Jan. 1 2014 for anyone who does Escort Driving must take an 8 hour Escort Driving Course.

Convenience Driving School has a gift certificate program in place for the holidays
Many students have told us how the public school system will not finish with the in-class portion of Driver Education until the end of the school year. Many students can receive their driver license now, or in the next few weeks if the student had the in-class portion of Driver Education completed. Convenience Driving School offers in-class Driver Education courses every two months. Students can complete the entire Driver Education program in 4 weeks with one of the special packages we offer. If you have a loved one, someone you are going to buy a gift for this Christmas why not consider purchasing a gift certificate from Convenience Driving School to help the student get their driver license. We offer gift certificates of many different values, and gift certificates can be used for any class, program, or package we offer. If someone has been court ordered to driving school, need escort driving school, failed DMV test three times, need one-on-one training, or any other program. The gift certificate can be used to help the loved one receive something they desire, and give training which can last a lift time. Simply contact use by phone, email, or Facebook on information.